Position/Role Name EXT Mobile Email
S7 General S7 Office 248-687-6809
S7 Fax Fax Line 248-436-6888
S7 Emergency Support Line 248-687-6813
S7 Conference Line 8500
President Brian Hernandez x150 313-729-7812
Executive Assistant Ben Lightner x260 616-430-7742
Consultant Artie Darrell x270 518-618-6842
Dir. of Ops Tagan Pollock x250 269-615-8222
Administrative Assistant Austin Lightner x230 248-444-7585
Bus. Dev. Keith Emmerich x220 248-469-3101
Jr. Systems Admin Eric Strough  x410 269-275-1701
Jr. Systems Admin Ed Karpinski
Jr. Systems Admin James Ogden x400 248-840-9433
Jr. Systems Admin Steven Kowalczyk x440 810-348-7159
Jr. Systems Admin Tyler Ascherl x430 248-410-6357
PT Tech Assist. Chris Fillar 734-774-9300
Marketing & Graphic Design Juliette Bohnlein 419-799-1255
Position/Role Name EXT Mobile Email
Dial TechPlus x88
Tech T3 Nick Vorves x222 734-776-2395
Tech T2 John Thompson x224 734-367-4454
Position/Role Name EXT Mobile Email
Tech T3 Geoff Gauldin 313-208-7842
Tech T2 Tim Hamon 919-395-7661
Tech T2 Michael Carella 323-945-4800
Position/Role Name EXT Mobile Email
Roman Data Defense Roman Office 248-313-8778
Position/Role Name EXT Mobile Email
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